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Our first book was Humans, for Simon & Schuster in 1985. We were warned that a humor book without an established readership - a comic strip anthology or collection of syndicated columns - was doomed from the beginning. But we noticed that the humor books that didn't fit this profile had something else in common: they weren't funny. We thought maybe a good product would make a difference, and we may have been right. Humans sold more than 200,000 copies in three printings and led to several licenses, including an HBO animated special (for which we wrote the script), and the inevitable sequel, Humans at Work.

In the mid-nineties, two areas of subject matter seemed to be everywhere in Gift & Stationery: cats and fine art. So we combined them to produce Cats of the Masters and Mutts of the Masters, published by Andrews & McMeel and again leading to several licenses, including calendars, greeting cards, apparel, and European editions.

Men Are Such Babies (Random House, 1997) was a parody of the work of photographer Ann Geddes, whose shots of babies and children in elaborately fanciful sets and costumes was at the time some of the most popular material on the market. MASB enjoyed moderate success in the U.S. - including the usual licenses - but was a runaway best-seller in Australia and New Zealand, which is Ms. Geddes' home, and where she was as celebrated as a movie star.

It will be noticed that all our books turn up in other formats as licenses. This is no accident. Books themselves are dicey propositions if your goal is to make money, but they are excellent launching pads for cross-licensing: the book provides the legitimacy; the licenses provide the profit.

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