has been creating, designing, and developing products in the social expression industry and beyond for more than twenty years, in every category from baby books to bobbleheads; greeting cards to gift bags; toys to t-shirts.

Much of our work has defined market trends; a fair amount has set sales records. Some has even made history. If that makes you wonder why you haven't heard of us, it's because - except in the fine print - our name isn't on most of it. We have worked almost exclusively behind the scenes, for virtually every big name (and a great many small ones) in the business.

So do we promise to set the market on its ear every time? Of course not. We all know the big splashes are rare, and - if we are honest - we all know they have as much to do with luck as with planning and design. What we do promise is what we have consistently delivered for years: market-smart products and programs that do what you want them to do: they sell.

We've done it for them. We can do it for you.
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